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联邦Jeanne cleery披露校园安全政策和校园犯罪统计法案(cleery Act)要求学院和大学, 公共和私人, 参与联邦学生援助计划,公开校园安全信息, 并规定了处理性暴力事件和紧急情况的某些基本要求.

亚洲博彩平台’s 2023 Annual 安全 and Fire Safety Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by 亚洲博彩平台; and on public properly within, 或者紧挨着并且可以接近, 校园.
所提供的数字包括向当地执法机构报告的犯罪统计数字, 校园保安及其他校园安全主管部门.
The report also includes institutional policy statements regarding campus safety and security measures; descriptions of prevention and awareness programs; related university procedures and important guidance; and other essential safety information.

您可以在位于3126 Panther Place的安全部欢迎中心获得本报告的打印副本, 正常营业时间内, 或通过访问以下网站 年度保安及消防安全报告2023.